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Ceramic & Graphene Coating Services

Mobile servicing Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and surrounding Bay Area

10-Year Warranty Protection Against Chemical Damage 

Say goodbye to waxing and get comprehensive peace-of-mind protection against light scratches, swirls, bird bombs, tree sap, and all types of chemical damage.

Manufacturer Certified Installers

Armed with an engineering background, an understanding of coating technologies, and certified in leading automotive coatings, we can give your car protection with peace of mind for you.

10 Year Industry Experience

We have experience with ceramic and graphene coatings for more than 10 years working on all types of car paints, exterior, and interior surfaces.


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What are Ceramic and Graphene Coatings?

Ceramic and graphene coatings are hard polymers that permanently bond with your car's paint and form a hard shell that prevents chemical damage such as bird bombs, tree sap, highway fallout, and harsh airborne chemicals.

No Waxing Needed

Ceramic and graphene coatings create a slick and smooth surface similar to your nonstick cooking pans to protect your car while making maintenance a breeze.

All Year Environmental Protection

Our automotive coatings provide ultimate protection whether driving in the snow or through a desert. 

Eye-Popping Gloss and Slickness

With our comprehensive installation packages and extensive experience in surface prep, your car will look glossy, slick, and shiny for years to come.

Stain and Oxidation Resistant

Our premium and professional-grade coatings protect your car's paint against discoloration, etchings, oxidation, and markings.

Enhanced Protection Against Water Spots

Our hand-picked professional graphene coatings offer protection against water spotting from sprinklers and rain while serving as a sacrificial barrier against hard mineral and calcium deposits on your car. 

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Types of Car Coatings

Customer Favorites

Discover our favorite ceramic coating packages or pair them with paint protection films for complete physical and chemical protection for your car.

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Latest work

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