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Crazy Paint Correction and Trim Restoration Takes This Limited Edition 32-Year-Old Range Rover to Showroom Finish

Crazy Paint Correction Brings this Limited Edition 32-Year-Old Range Rover to Showroom Finish

The truth is that the cars we drive are the second-most expensive asset in our lives while regularly holding deep sentimental value. Our customer had childhood memories with this Range Rover and he wanted us to throw the kitchen sink at it when it came to paint correction and gloss.

A preliminary inspection of the vehicle showed a massive monkey wrench in the works: the front hood was etched and blemished with deep and hard water spots! Oh, and these classic paints are tough as nails!

We started the detail and paint correction on the Range Rover by giving it pre-rinse with deionized water followed by our signature ceramic foam wash with soft high-gsm wash mitts and then drying the vehicle with plush high-gsm microfiber towels. Next, we inspected the painted surfaces to note which surfaces would require a clay bar treatment. Based on our observation, we performed a clay bar and surface decontamination treatment primarily on the horizontal panels of the vehicle with some isolated treatment on vertical surfaces such as the back trunk of the car.

We then pulled out our blower and removed as much water as possible from the nooks and crevices of the Range Rover to ensure that water wouldn't interfere with the polishing and coating process to follow.

After doing some test spots, we decided to perform a two-step paint correction by first doing a super aggressive compounding process with a high-cut foam pad and a compound that could remove 800-grit sanding marks! After a single pass on the horizontal panels and 3-4 passes on the front hood, all the visible scratches, swirls, and water spots were utterly gone. Alongside our large buffer, we also employed a one-inch buffer which helped even out the cutting across smaller areas on panels where the larger buffer would stall out.

Aggressive compounding akin to what we did on this customer's Range Rover leaves swirl marks and holograms which need to be buffed away with a second step of polishing the car. Therefore, we used a medium-cut polish with a light-cut foam pad to work our Robust magic on every panel and leave a mirror-like and smooth finish on the car's painted surfaces. We even used our one-inch buffer to polish the clear-coated wheels of the vehicle!

The final step before coating installation involved using a dedicated detox and priming cleanser that stripped away all compound and polish residue from all painted surfaces of the Range Rover. This detox treatment is critical to ensure proper ceramic or graphene coating's polymer bonds crosslinking with the car's clear coat.

Finally, we installed the graphene coating on the Range Rover's paint, polycarbonates(lights), wheels, and front windshield. As a bonus, to add frosting to the cake, we also employed a trim restoration process to bring the color of all the trim pieces of the car back to its black factory finish. All in all, the customer was blown away by the results obtained by our paint correction and coating work on his Range Rover.

Did you know that your car's cosmetics are valued at about 30% of its retail price and having a professional paint correction done on your can increase its value by thousands of dollars? Keeping a meticulous appearance and protecting it using properly installed high-quality coatings can put money back into your wallet while saving you a few thousand dollars repaint at your local body shop! Give us a call at 707-681-5944, email, or book our services right away.

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