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Mastering Mobile Detailing at Sonoma Raceway for Mullen's Electric Fleet

At Robust Auto Detailing, our commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship is at the forefront of every detailing project we undertake. Our recent opportunity to work on Mullen's innovative electric vehicles at the Sonoma Raceway in California solidified our devotion to exceptional service.

Mullen, a US-based electric vehicle manufacturer, has designed a stunning lineup of electric cars, including utility and commercial vehicles, sleek SUVs like the Mullen Five, and the breathtaking Mullen GT. Their innovation in the automotive industry aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the best detailing services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our task during the event was to perform basic detailing on Mullen's electric cars to ensure they shone in all their glory. We opted for rinseless and waterless wash solutions to meticulously clean the vehicles. The tires were dressed, and the wheels were given a thorough cleaning, enhancing their appearance. Glass detailing added an extra sparkle, and the interiors of the fleet were vacuumed and wiped down to ensure a clean, protected, and matte-satin finish.

Challenges were met head-on, as we encountered rainfall throughout the day. However, our team at Robust Auto Detailing takes pride in overcoming obstacles, ensuring that each car looked immaculate, no matter the weather conditions.

In the end, our diligence and expert craftsmanship were recognized by the Mullen organizers, who were extremely pleased with the outcome. Our detailing services are not just about cleaning vehicles; they are about bringing out the best in them, whether they are consumer vehicles or part of a large event like this one at the Sonoma Raceway.

If you are in the Bay Area and in need of top-notch mobile detailing services, look no further than Robust Auto Detailing. Our professional team is ready to take on any challenge and deliver results that exceed expectations. Book our services online today and experience the Robust difference.

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