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Two-step paint correction turned this new Dodge Charger from show room swirl and scratch festival to a black pearl gem

Here's a glaring truth about new cars: they don't leave the lot with a perfect finish. Before you drive off the lot with your new purchase, it has to undergo an assembly line polishing and finishing job which, due to time constraints, regularly leaves marred paint finish on the vehicle. Additionally, while your car is waiting in the lot clenched by the dealership's sales team, the vehicles are often maintained poorly by car wash companies who work with volume and not quality. Result? Your car comes with several scratches and swirls by the time you park it in your garage.

So how can you take your car to a proper new-car finish that has no swirls or scratches on its surface? Paint correction. Paint correction is a process of panel-by-panel compounding and polishing of your car that gets rid of all the factory and dealership-installed swirls to give you the true gloss and color of your latest purchase.

When we first got this new black Dodge Charger, barely home from the dealership, we saw light scratches and swirls all over the vehicle. The customer wanted to keep this car for many years to come so we recommended a full paint correction and a 10-year graphene coating for all painted surfaces, wheels, and glass.

We started the process by giving the vehicle our signature ceramic foam pressure wash with deionized water to get rid of all debris and dirt. We then used our blower to remove all water from crevices. After doing a quick inspection, we noticed that all horizontal surfaces, despite being a completely new vehicle, required a clay bar treatment which we performed methodically and carefully. Alongside the clay bar treatment, we also noticed micro-level tree sap all over the paint we got rid of using a diluted and mild IPA treatment and soft microfiber towels.

Clay bar treatment dirty clay on new black dodge charger
Even a new car sometimes needs a clay bar treatment. Notice the dirt after a fraction of the panel was given a clay bar treatment.

After inspecting the car's paint using a multi-temperature detailing light, we noticed that the car was going to need a two-step paint correction to create a 100% swirl and scratch-free surface. The first step of the car's paint correction entailed using a high-cut compound with a high-cut pad on a high-speed buffer to aggressively remove all deep scratches and swirls while following up with a micro-buffer to work around emblems and small corners. Compounding the paint leaves swirl marks of its own which we consequently removed using the second step polishing process with a light cut pad and a mild finishing polish.

After this process, we removed all polish residue using a dedicated detox treatment that safely removed all polishing oils and dust particles without scratching the paint. Finally, we installed a 10-year graphene coating on the vehicle's paint, polycarbonates(lights), windshield, top windows, and wheel face. As you can see in the pictures above, we created a 100% swirl-free and scratch-free surface on this new black Dodge Charger that instantly became the shiniest car in the city! The customer loved our work!

Did you buy a new car recently too? Did you know that your car's cosmetics are valued at about 30% of its retail price and having a professional paint correction done on your can increase its value by thousands of dollars? Keeping a meticulous appearance and protecting it using properly installed high-quality coatings can put money back into your wallet while saving you a few thousand dollars repaint at your local body shop! Give us a call at 707-681-5944, email, or book our services right away.

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