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Paint Correction, 2 Year Coating and Putting a Classic 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle in a Car Show

It's not every day that we put in 30-40 hours on a vehicle. However, when we do, it must look amazing and ready for taking on a car show. This was a fun project to push our limits to see how good a vehicle can look. This was an interesting nut to crack. The reason is because it was a single stage paint. In other words, it had no clear coat on it! Hence, we had to go retro on this and use Meguiars polishing oils to bring back the gloss on this vehicle. However, most of the cutting done was using Opimum's Hyper Polishing system. The Optimum Hyper Compound provided us with the ability to quickly cut through much of the imperfections on the vehicle. The paint that was left on the vehicle was very thin so we avoided sanding it as much as possible. Along with the Hyper Compound, we used the Hyper Wool Cutting Pad which is excellent at removing deeper scratches and swirls on the paint. Each 1'x1' or 2'x2' area was compounded one section at a time. (Compounding is an aggressive method of removing defects from the paint.) After compounding and removing most of the defects, we were left with light imperfections along with compounding swirls. This was easy dealt with using the Optimum Hyper Polish and Orange Waffle Weave Pads. However, the paint didn't have the deep and warm glow that is affiliated with classic cars and single stage paints. This is where Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze came to play.

The polishing oils in the glaze added a rejuvenating effect on the vehicle and really brought out the radiant yellow. Since we like to blend technology with our work, the car was given a single coat of Opti-Gloss Coat to lock in all the gloss. Opti-Gloss Coat gives the vehicle a 2+ year ceramic coating protection along with a superb shine! We weren't done yet. The car was then layered with a rare natural and high-End show car grade carnauba wax(Pinnacle Sauveran Wax) to create a dripping wet look. To say the least, we had people at the car show ask us how we got there to this level of gloss? Well, now you know!

Have you ever had your car professionally coated before putting in a car show?

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