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Working with VinFast VF8 on New All-Electric Vehicles in San Francisco Bay Area, California

San Mateo, Bay Area, California: VinFast is an upcoming all electric car manufacturer from Vietnam. We recently had the privilege to work directly with the direct representatives of the company, Showfleet and future customers of VinFast vehicles.

The vehicles are absolutely gorgeous and innovative with various interesting perks and sensors that allow the vehicles to truly stand out and flourish. It is also great to see the growth of electric vehicles in the Bay Area, California, as we are moving towards an all-electric future.

During the event, customers and potential customers were given the opportunity to take one of the VinFast VF8 to drive around in a lap. During the event, it rained which made the cars a bit dirty. However, we ensured that the cars remained clean and glossy despite the heavy down pour and tracking under wet conditions.

This is why manufacturers and marketing companies work with us at Robust Auto Detailing. We not only know how to make cars shine and protect them but also treat customers like part of our family. After all, your car is your second biggest investment after your home so you’d entrust it with a company that has a clean track record with manufacturers and customers alike.

Are you ready to get your car coated, detailed or protected? Book online now!

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