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Basic Detailing on a New Metallic Blue Porsche Panamera

I’ve done countless Porsche vehicles and the best part about them is their driver’s experience and the bond that forms between the owner and the car. Porsches are sometimes our own extension in a vehicle. The Panamera is no slouch. This vehicle has the luxurious commodities of a high end vehicle but also compromises well with the craftsmanship and the original Porsche experience.

This Panamera belonged to a customer here in Napa who also owned an Audi A6 before this and he loves it. This is where image matters but, above all, it’s about enjoying the vehicle you drive to work and ensure that it looks top notch.

Every car is unique and thought the customer usually goes with our Express Package(the car is usually relatively clean), there are occasional blemishes and droppings that require attention. On this vehicle, I had a couple of bird bombs that had dried for a bit too long. However, using a handy dandy buffer along with a concoction of polishes, the blemishes were removed from the naked eye. As a precaution, never let bird bombs dry on the paint for long. They go through any form of wax in minutes and start etching onto the paint permanently and deeply within a few days or weeks, depending on sun exposure. These etchings can sometimes eat through the paint and the only solution after that is to repaint the entire panel.

The car looked beautiful and I chose to go with a classic carnauba based wax as a finisher. The mirror gloss came out and you can see the results.

Every car, even if regularly done, is unique. Think of your paint jobs as a canvas and the environment painting on it based on its surroundings. Hence, troubleshooting or taking the car to the next level requires some minor changes and adjustments. What matters above all? The experience. When was the last time you got your car detailed? Comment below. If you’re in the Bay Area, we would be happy to work on your vehicle.

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