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Ceramic Graphene Coating a New Black BMW 750i in Napa, California

Once someone gets their car coated by us at Robust Auto Detailing, they always come back to have their future cars coated. Properly installed coatings can maintain the cost of the vehicle’s cosmetics and make maintenance a breeze. This customer is a winery owner and they lead a very busy life. We installed a coating on one of their Teslas and after a few months they became a convert and had all the remaining vehicles coated as well! Ever since then, we’ve coated 3 future vehicles they have purchased or leased.

BMW usually has a nice finish for their vehicles but sometimes you need to polish the surface to get rid of light blemishes that come from the dealership. This BMW 750i was given a one-step paint correction and polishing job that got rid of minor scratches and swirls while leaving a mirror finish. After the coating, the vehicle was cleansed with a dedicated polish and residue remover and then coated.

As you can see, the car looks absolutely phenomenal and stunning with a slick and glossy surface. The car is protected for years to come and cleaning it will be a very easy task as dirt and debris will not stick to the surface due to the coating. Getting a proper coating on the vehicle is a very smart investment, especially since nowadays people are keeping their cars for longer periods of time. Get your new car coated right away by booking us.

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