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Should You Use a Leather Cleaner & Conditioner on Your Car?

Your car’s leather is one of the most expensive parts of your vehicle. There are many products out there that you can use for cleaning your car’s leather but because of newer technology, it is no longer recommended to use a leather conditioner on your vehicle. This is because leather conditioners are created for natural leather whereas most modern cars have coated leather.

Coated leather has a non-breathable but elastic coating on it that increases the durability of the seat while reducing the chances of getting permanent stains. Leather conditioners may end up harming the leather or discoloring the finish. Therefore, using a sealant based system is the best way forward for these kind of surfaces.

At Robust Auto Detailing, we have many years of experience with all kinds of automotive surfaces. If you’re unsure of what kind of treatment might be best for your vehicle, book us now to have your car detailed and protected properly.

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