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Transforming a 2015 Subaru Impreza: A Testament to Detailing Excellence in Napa

In the heart of Napa, California, Robust Auto Detailing had the opportunity to showcase our unmatched commitment to quality and workmanship. A customer approached us with a 2015 red Subaru Impreza, seeking comprehensive cleaning and protection. Opting for our Express Package, they were in for a remarkable transformation of their vehicle.

The Challenge: Tree Sap and Pet Hair

Upon initial inspection, the Subaru was plagued with extensive tree sap and interior pet hair – common issues for vehicle owners. Our first step was a meticulous rinse with deionized water, a crucial choice to prevent hard water spots. The tree sap required dedicated attention. We meticulously removed it with a non-abrasive scraper and residue remover, taking care not to harm the vehicle's paint.

Exterior Revitalization: From Foam Wash to Sealant

After dealing with the tree sap, we executed a thorough foam cannon ceramic wash. Surprisingly, the clay bar treatment unveiled blue paint and overspray residue, which we carefully removed. The wheels received an iron removal treatment, enhancing their appearance significantly. We concluded the exterior rejuvenation with a cutting-edge graphene-based sealant, an advanced alternative to traditional waxes, bestowing a lasting, glossy shield on the Impreza.

Interior Makeover: Meticulous Cleaning and Pet Hair Removal

Inside the Subaru, a meticulous vacuuming job was underway. Removing pet hair is often a challenging task, but our team executed it flawlessly. We followed this with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, using appropriately diluted cleaners for each material. The car’s mats, being rubber, were pressure washed with a specialized detergent, ensuring every inch of the interior matched the exterior's renewed splendor.

Finishing Touches: Glass Cleaning and Doorjamb Detailing

No detailing job is complete without attention to the finer details. We cleaned the glass, both inside and out, with specialized towels and cleaners. The doorjambs were also meticulously wiped down, adding to the car's overall pristine appearance.

The Result: A Car that Shines Like New

After 4-5 hours of dedicated work, the transformation was nothing short of spectacular. The Subaru Impreza gleamed as if it had just rolled off the showroom floor. Neighbors of our client were so impressed that they came over to admire the car, with many mistaking it for a brand-new vehicle.

This project in Napa highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional results, regardless of the car's age or condition. At Robust Auto Detailing, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transport; it's a source of pride and joy. Our expertise in the Bay Area spans from individual consumer vehicles to large-scale event preparations.

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