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Ultimate Expert Guide to Protecting Your New Car

McLaren Coated and Filmed Auto Show
McLaren Protected and Detailed

Purchasing a new car is an exciting milestone, and at Robust Auto Detailing in Napa, California, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. The value of your car's cosmetics accounts for about 30% of its resale value. Therefore, protecting it is not just about maintaining its appearance but also about retaining its value. Here's our definitive guide to ensuring your new car remains as good as new for years to come.

Sealant, Wax, or Coating: Chemical Protection For Your Car

When you buy a new car, dealerships often offer sealant or wax packages. These provide temporary protection and are similar to products available at general and auto stores. These waxes and sealants generally last for about 5-6 months, offering the bare minimum protection over your vehicle's paint, wheels, and glass.

However, for longer-lasting and more robust protection, consider ceramic and graphene coatings. These coatings bond chemically with your car's surfaces, providing protection that can range from 3 to 10 years. They are chemically inert and offer enhanced scratch resistance, turning your car into a metaphorical non-stick pan. These ceramic or graphene coatings can be installed on your car's paint, wheels, glass, and polycarbonate(light) surfaces. While these coatings have a higher upfront cost than sealants and waxes, they pay themselves off by reducing the washing required and serving as a protective and sacrificial barrier against bird bombs, tree sap, and bug splatters. Additionally, high-end coatings come with warranty and are sometimes even covered by auto insurance.

Paint Protection Film (PPF): Shielding Against Physical Damage

PPFs are thick layers of plastic film applied to your car to prevent damage from rock chips and other physical impacts. They come in clear, matte, or colored vinyl forms. For the best balance of visibility, long-term maintenance, and protection, clear films are the standard choice. They offer superior chemical and mechanical protection compared to matte films or vinyl wraps.

While a full wrap can be costly, applying PPF to high-traffic areas (like bumpers, fenders, and mirrors) is an effective and budget-friendly approach. You can look at the last car you owned to see where most of the rock chips and mechanical damage took place. This will give you an idea of where to install the paint protection film. Pairing this with a coating on the rest of the car can provide comprehensive mechanical and chemical protection.

When it comes to picking the best film, stretchability, breathability, and the ability to handle fluctuation in temperature are more important than the thickness of the film. Lastly, films come with a warranty, and may even be covered by auto insurance in-case of accidents or damage.

Interior Coatings: Protecting The Inside Against Spills and Discolor

Modern cars typically feature coated leather or carpet interiors which are susceptible to wear and tear and chemical deterioration. Today's high-end interior coatings can safeguard these surfaces for up to 5 years, protecting against spills and color transfers. These coatings are designed for stretchable and breathable surfaces, ensuring your car’s interior remains spotless. Interior coatings can preserve seats, carpets, mats, and select plastic and vinyl surfaces. 

Window Tinting: Combating UV Damage

UV rays not only damage your car's interior but also pose health risks. Window tinting is an effective way to protect against sun damage, offering both health benefits and enhanced privacy. Depending on your state and what may be legal, tinting can be done on the windshield, side windows, and back windows. 

General Upkeep: Maintaining Your Car's Protection

The longevity of your car's protective measures depends on regular maintenance. This includes using high-quality microfiber towels, appropriate washing methods, deionized or soft water, pH-neutral detergents, and proper protectants. Consult with a qualified detailing and protection expert for tailored advice and product recommendations.

At Robust Auto Detailing, we are committed to offering expert guidance and services to protect your new vehicle. As a certified and authorized paint protection film and automotive coating service provider that has worked with top car manufacturers and clientele with more than 10 years of experience, we ensure your car receives the best expert care possible.

Preserve your car’s elegance and value with Robust Auto Detailing. Book a coating or film install now or contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your new car in top-notch condition.

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