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BMW XM Launch at Pearl, San Francisco: A Robust Auto Detailing Success

At Robust Auto Detailing, we don't just clean cars, we create experiences. This was particularly evident at a recent BMW event at Pearl in San Francisco, where we were tasked with ensuring two brand-new BMW XM hybrids looked nothing short of spectacular for their grand debut.

The new BMW XM, a true epitome of luxury and power, boasts 644HP to 738HP, massage chairs, Merino leather, M Signature Trim, advanced operating system, and BMW's xDrive system. With a retail MSRP of $159,000, it's no surprise that BMW was eager to ensure these vehicles were showcased in the best possible light.

Our work began with a meticulous cleaning process, wiping away the light dust and contaminants on the vehicles' surfaces using a high-quality cleaner and protectant. This not only created an instant shine but also ensured the surface was slick and smooth, ready for the application of a graphene-based sealant.

The result? An enhanced shine and added layer of protection that allowed the cars to look their best throughout the three-hour event. The wheels received a waterless wash and protectant, finishing off with tire dressing that made them look as good as new.

The staff at BMW loved our work, and attendees of the event were no different. Several customers remarked that it was the best car event they had attended - testament to the quality of our services.

At Robust Auto Detailing, we understand that when cars need great customer service and exceptional presentation, companies turn to us. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our ability to continuously exceed expectations.

Looking to make a statement with your vehicle? Whether you're an individual or a company planning an event, trust Robust Auto Detailing to help your car make the perfect impression. Book our services online today.

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