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Exceptional Graphene Coating for a New BMW IX M60 by Robust Auto Detailing in Napa, California

Robust Auto Detailing recently had the opportunity to work on a new 2023 BMW IX M60 in Napa, California. The owner found our services online and quickly booked an appointment through our convenient online booking system. After a few clarifying questions via our online chat, they selected our advanced 5-year graphene coating service.

First, our skilled team started with a detailed wash, followed by a clay bar treatment. This process removed both above and below surface contaminants, leaving the surface immaculately clean. Given that the car was a brand-new 2023 model, we only needed to address a few light water spots and bug splatters.

The next step was a light cut polishing job that eliminated minor scratches and swirls from the vehicle. This also helped prime the surface for the upcoming coating application. We then detoxed the car using a dedicated cleaner and primer to remove any remaining polishing residue, ensuring an optimal surface for the graphene coating.

Lastly, we applied the 5-year graphene coating, an innovative product that offers more resistance to water spotting compared to traditional silicon dioxide and silicon carbide-based coatings. This property sets our service apart from many of our competitors and offers superior protection for your vehicle.

The result was a beautifully detailed and protected BMW IX M60. The owner was highly impressed with our workmanship and craftsmanship, leading to another satisfied customer and potential repeat client.

Why choose Robust Auto Detailing?

  1. Quality Service: We offer top-tier detailing services, utilizing the latest technology, such as our graphene coating.

  2. Expert Craftsmanship: With nearly 10 years of experience, we deliver high-quality, professional results on every job.

  3. Online Convenience: Our online booking system and chat feature make it easy for clients to schedule services and ask questions.

  4. Mobile Detailing: We serve the Bay Area with our mobile service, bringing the best in car care directly to you.

  5. Customer Satisfaction: We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations, leading to repeat business and high recommendations.

For unmatched detailing services, trust the professionals at Robust Auto Detailing. Book your appointment today and let us help your vehicle look its best for years to come.

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