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Ceramic Coating Two New Tesla Model S. Check Out These Results!

We admit: we have done countless Teslas by now, ranging from all models to sizes. Another fun fact is that we have never actually waxed a Tesla! Yup, only coated them! This 2013 Model S had been neglected for a couple of years before it came to us. The dazzling red had faded into swirl marks that were all over the vehicle. It needed a 2-step compounding and polishing process(Paint Correction). It took us 2-3 days to get the vehicle up to par but it was all worth it at the end. The car was cut using Opimum's Hyper Polishing system and then coated using Opti-Coat Pro Plus... all the while in view of Petaluma from a ranch!

This Tesla 70D came to us looking quite good but it had some factory swirls and scratches on some edges and corners. The car was given a compounding treatment on those damaged areas to remove those imperfections. After all, you don't want to lock the imperfections under the coating. Speaking of which, the car was polished to perfection and then coated using Opti-Coat Pro Plus. The gloss was unparalleled and the vehicle looked amazing at the end! The customer was surprised at how good we made the car look, the way it was turning heads on the road and how easy it was to wash the vehicle now! Bonus: The red Tesla above was done right after this after he saw the results and immediately wanted to get it done as well!

Are you planning to get a Tesla? Will you coat it? Comment below or book now!

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