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Ceramic Coating using Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra on a BMW X6 in Marin County

​This X6 M was one of the prettiest vehicles I had seen in a while. It's robust, sleek and packs a punch when it comes to performance and luxury. The M package makes this car look sporty but in a subtle way. The color was exceedingly beautiful and this car was a gem in Sonoma when I finally got to it. The customer and I had been talking for a month about what kind of coating to go for that would complement the vehicle's rich color and contours. We went with Crystal Serum on this and I gave it a quick one-step polishing to enhance the gloss prior to installing the coating. As you can see, the car came out looking extremely gloss and the slickness was off the charts! You can see that above, even from the raw shots above taken from an aging iPhone 6 camera! The customer then sent an e-mail to commend how amazing the vehicle looked and he all ready had a car coated previously from another installer. There is a reason why our business gets chosen. We go out of our way and ensure quality workmanship that is unparalleled. If you would like to get your vehicle paint corrected and coated, please feel free to give us a ring or click on the button below to book us!

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