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Coating a New Tesla Model S and The Interesting Customer Experience in the Bay Area

Updated: Feb 14

It's going to rain today or at least the weather app on my iPhone states so. I have developed a bad habit of going to coffee shops and ordering objects that certainly have no relationship to 'theme' of the venue. I just took my first sip of the 'Evolution Fresh pineapple coconut water' while at Starbucks and began to think of all the customers I have interacted with. For me, this continuous interaction allows me to learn and grow in fields I could have never thought. From learning the rotary swing in golf to basic MMA moves to cattle farming to discussing the tech industry, my customers are like my family, friends and mentors all at the same time.

I recently got a call from Jim who had recently got a Tesla Model S. The car was nested at his home in Kenwood arching over beautiful wineries of the Sonoma Valley - another reason why I love what I do! We conversed a little and I got to know about one of his passions: Bees! It would be safe to assume that a person who takes care of bees has a keen eye for intricate information and details. Later, he went on to show me his hives and I learnt a few nifty details about how bee habitat and how the 'guardian' bees converge onto outsiders such as wasps.

Fun fact: To this date, I have yet to wax a single Tesla automobile. Yup, it was going to be an Opti-Coat Pro treatment! This treatment is popular and recommended by several members of the Tesla Motors Club, professionals from the detailing industry and enthusiasts on various automotive forums. The trend towards coatings has never been this hot. Why, you may ask?

Coatings, especially Opti-Coat Pro, provide protection against UV rays, chemicals(bird bombs, tree sap), mineral deposits and scratches for an extended period of time. So instead of having the car waxed every few months, a permanent or semi-permanent paint coating can provide a superior protection that lasts for years instead of just months. In other words, coatings offer both more resilient AND more durable protection. What does this mean to the you? Less and easier washes, less scratches, retained cosmetic value and overall a glossy look all year round.

A question I get asked often is, "how does it look in comparison to sealants?" My answer is usually, "it depends." The gloss of the vehicle depends more on how smooth(or well polished) the vehicle is and less on the sealant/wax/coating on the car. However, the adjectives I would have for Opti-Coat Pro are usually "candy-like, slightly tacky during curing time", "high-gloss mechanical & modern", "dusky at evening and mornings especially for metallic flakes" and "can give your many top tier waxes a run for their money."

The modern society is filled with busy and bustling people and though waxes are still used, the market for the latter is slowly dwindling to enthusiasts only. Tesla owners, through their coveted forums(like this one) and networks, have realized this. In this instance, Jim can have the peace of mind knowing that an investment such as a Tesla is going to look great for years and years to come! If the car is evolving due to technology then so can you!

The intense process of coating Jim's car took about 8 hours to complete. Here's the summary: The car was washed car gently with new microfiber towels and by just gliding over the surface. Gliding is made possible by pre-spraying the car to loosen up the embedded dirt. The car was dried using air and high quality plush microfiber towels using the 'blot-and-glide' method. The car was examined thoroughly one section at a time to see if there were any above surface contaminants. The car was then spot clayed using a clay block. After this the car was examined under the light to inspect the health of the car. The Tesla was then polished using a light cut polish to remove very fine scratches and escalating the existing gloss of the new car. After this process, all residue was cleaned by wiping and using a combination of ONR (Optimum No Rinse Wash) and IPA solution. After the car was in pristine and it's 'unprotected' form, the car was then finally coated with Opti-Coat Pro using various foam applicator pads. Opti-Lens was applied to all clear plastics and Opti-Glass Pro on the windshield and glass panoramic roof. The wheels were coated with Opti-Glass Pro as well.

And that was it. I would like to thank you(and maybe even meet you!) for checking out my post and to Jim for letting me detail his car, being an excellent host and mentoring me on bees and discussing other progressive sociophilosophic(just made that word up!) topics. Feel free to leave a comment and share or like! Till next time!

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