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Debunking Misconceptions: Why Foam Cannon Wash Might Not Be Your Car's Best Friend

Have you ever thought that foam cannon washing is the ultimate solution for your car's cleanliness? If yes, then it's time to debunk some misconceptions and introduce you to the real world of car detailing. Here at Robust Auto Detailing, we stand committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship and are equipped with the latest detailing and protection technologies. From the launch of Hummer EV, battle-tested daily in mud and grime, to the exclusive Rolls Royce Spectre EV launch event, our diverse experience enables us to understand your car's specific needs.

Unmasking the Truth: A Real-Life Case Study

A recent client, adamant about foam washing and clay bar treatment for their brand-new car, led us to a revelation worth sharing. The customer feared that a rinseless wash wouldn't effectively clean the car's crevices and corners. However, despite being only a few weeks old, the car appeared as though it had weathered five years of neglect, riddled with swirls and water spots on the paint, glass, and even the black trim.

Further, water spots become increasingly difficult to remove over time, especially when the car is exposed to heat and sunlight. The black trim, on the contrary, is likely to permanently stain, requiring a full replacement. Despite our advice against foam washing and clay bar treatment, the customer was more inclined towards these methods.

Clay Bar Treatment: The Devil's in the Details

Many customers are drawn towards clay bar treatment, believing it will solve their vehicle's aesthetic problems. However, this process should be used judiciously. In the case of our customer's car, clay bar treatment wasn't necessary as the surface was already smooth and the car was already very scratched and swirled. Excessive use of clay bar treatment can drastically increase the chance to swirl and scratch the paint, creating problems that weren't there initially.

The Foam Cannon Wash: More than Meets the Eye

Despite its visually appealing effect, a foam cannon wash falls short in terms of effectiveness and practicality. Our experience with the Hummer EV launch event proved this, as foam washes barely removed dirt while leaving soap and water residue. The foam wash's weak cleaning power necessitates manual agitation, which contradicts the appeal of foam washing in the first place. Additionally, foam cannon washes waste lots of water and soap which leaves a strong business carbon foot print in the long run. The pressure washers, usually gas driven, create noise, pollution, and waste gasoline.

Beware of Water Spots

Water spots can also be a major issue with foam washing, leading to costly cosmetic damage. Controlled water release through a quality rinseless wash or the use of distilled water is the only sure way to prevent water spots. A protective graphene or ceramic coating can also serve as a sacrificial barrier, protecting your car's surface from water spots.

Crevices, Corners, and Swirls

The promise of a foam cannon wash effectively cleaning crevices and corners is unreliable, especially as foam wash detergents often lack the necessary cleaning power while still requiring agitation in the corners and crevices nonetheless. Besides, the more steps involved in a wash, the higher the chances of inducing swirls and scratches, even with the softest microfiber towels. It's crucial to minimize aggression in surface treatment to ensure the least amount of damage to your vehicle. Additionally, ‘water bleed’ from corners and crevices can drastically increase the chances of leaving soap residue or permanent water spots if a substantial time and skill isn’t spent blowing water from the crevices - something we’ve seen at many car washes and show cars.

Our Solution: Expertise, Experience, and Excellence

At Robust Auto Detailing, we strongly advise listening to your expert and the solution they have to offer. We've worked with prestigious brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and NSX, and have fine-tuned our expertise to understand what your car needs. We combine art, engineering, and science to provide practical solutions instead of selling marketing gimmicks.

Remember, smart consumerism involves wanting a car that not only looks amazing but also feels amazing. We declined our case study customer's job as it didn't align with our commitment to the best interest of the vehicle and its protection. We prioritize our level of craftsmanship and quality workmanship above all else.

Are you located in the San Francisco Bay Area and looking for top-notch detailing services for your consumer vehicles or large events? Let Robust Auto Detailing offer the quality, workmanship, and commitment you deserve. Contact us today or book our services and give your car the treatment it needs.

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