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Wash Sponge or Wash Mitt: Which is Better for Washing Your Car?

Modern wash mitts are made using microfibers while wash sponges are made from foam polymers. Which is better?

The simple answer is wash sponge. However, wash sponges come with their own disadvantages. Wash mitts allow for more flexibility by covering more nooks and crannies than wash sponges. They also agitate the soap better too. However, there lies the biggest disadvantage to wash mitts: they can hold on to grit and dirt during the wash which can scratch the surface of the vehicle.

Wash sponges, on other other hand, don’t clean nooks, crannies and grills as well as wash mitts but where they shine is picking up dirt and grit and disposing it into the wash bucket. This is due to wash sponges having a porous and rigid structure. The caution needs to come from the material used to make such sponges. Some of them can be aggressive and may scratch your surface but a high quality soft sponge with high surface area is ideal for washing cars.

Now, if they made a soft foam sponge mitt, that would be the best of all worlds! How often do you wash your car and do you use a mitt or sponge? Comment below and let us know.

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