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Detailing the Future: Our Work on VinFast VF8 Electric Cars at the 23rd Annual Best of Bay Event

For those who attended the 23rd annual “Best of Bay” event, hosted by San Francisco Magazine at The Conservatory at One Sansome, you would have seen something extraordinary: the luxury electric cars by VinFast, the emerging Vietnamese auto brand, gleaming under the venue lights, stealing the show. That captivating shine and impeccable finish? That was the craftsmanship of Robust Auto Detailing at play.

Amidst the celebrated cornucopia of San Francisco's finest food, wine, and lifestyle businesses, we were there to make sure the new VinFast VF8 electric vehicles stood out - and they did, dazzlingly so. Our detailing approach? Making the cars look better than brand new.

Starting with a meticulous waterless wash, we employed a high-quality cleaner and detergent, coupled with soft, high GSM microfiber towels. This method ensures a thorough clean without any risk of adding scratches to the vehicle, a technique that sets us apart from other detailing services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Next came attention to the wheels. Cleaned and polished to perfection, they beautifully complemented the VF8's sleek body. Unwanted residues from tapes and stickers, common nuisances on new cars, were completely removed and the surfaces cleansed for a showroom-ready look.

But we didn't stop there. Both display cars received a graphene sealant treatment, which rendered their exteriors ultra-slick and smooth to the touch - a tactile bonus to the aesthetic feast.

The interiors, meanwhile, were given a comprehensive vacuum and wipe-down treatment. Fingerprints, dust, and debris were eliminated to create a pristine environment for event attendees. The cars looked as though they had just rolled off the production line, ready for the luxurious food and wine night ahead.

So why should you choose Robust Auto Detailing? Because we understand that a vehicle is more than a means of transport. It's a statement, a symbol of style, and a point of pride. We've worked with major car brands and events for over a decade, and our commitment to quality shines through in every job. Our repeat customers are a testament to our expertise and our passion. Whether you're driving a VinFast VF8 or a vintage Volkswagen, we're ready to bring out the very best in your vehicle. Book our services today, and let your car steal the show too.

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