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One Step Paint Correction and Nano Coating Install on a White Porsche Macan GTS in Napa, California

This was a very interesting experience. White color on vehicles can be a challenge when it comes to doing a correction because of two reasons: it’s hard to see the scratches and swirls and paint correction yields diminishing returns on a white colored car.

This Porsche Macan was in relatively good shape when we first looked at it. The customer was an avid detailer himself who was familiar with buffing, waxing, polishing and paint correction. What he didn’t expect was us to buff the vehicle to a whole new level of gloss with just a single step polishing process.

After washing, clay bar and polishing, as you can see, the vehicle looks really glossy and slick. The Porsche Macan was then given a full surface cleanse using a dedicated primer and cleanser and then coated. The car looked slick and phenomenal!

Are you ready to get your car coated? Book now to have protection for years to come!

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