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2007 Red Porsche Cayman Car Detailing & Scratch Removal

I recently got to do a little bit of paint correction on Steve's(who also took the picture above!) Porsche. Reds are an absolute blast to work with since they radiate energy with their gloss. The curves and aerodynamics of this gorgeous car add a nice level of depth and elegance while attaining a sporty look.

The car had a few blemishes and scratches that needed some compounding to get rid of. They became more evident as the car was washed. Luckily, these blemishes weren't deep enough to require wet sanding.

Before compounding and polishing, the car underwent a nice clay bar treatment to remove all above surface contaminants.

A three step paint correction took place for spots such as these using our Lake Country's Hydrotech Pads and Menzerna Power Gloss, Power Finish and Super Finish. The residue was removed using Pinnacle Black Label Surface Polish in combination with Menzerna Final Inspection. I always find foggy headlights to be a sore thumb when compared to a shiny paint surface so I decided to perform a restoration on them. The tires were dressed while the paint, windshield and wheels coated with Pinnacle Black Label Diamond coating. And voila! Thank you Steve for the picture below as well!

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