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Paint Correction, Polishing & Coating this Limited Edition Black Porsche 911Creates Insane Shine

St. Helena, Bay Area, California: This black Porsche 911 came to use with lots of swirls and scratches. The customer had all ready used detailers in the past so he knew what we are all about. We recommended giving this car a 2-step paint correction and 3 year graphene coating to make sure that the car looked amazing and stay protected for years to come.

This before and after shot below shows what the first step does to the vehicle’s paint. Notice that the first step or compounding, despite removing deeper scratches and swirls, leaves very fine swirls and scratches of its own which need to be buffed out by using a second step polishing job.

After the two-step paint correction, the car was given a proper cleansing and detox treatment that removed the polishing and compounding residue while priming the surface for graphene coating. The soft top was also cleaned gently and then primed for a fabric protectant.

Overall, after we were done, as you can see, the car’s gloss went to an insane level and is now protected for years to come from bird bombs, sap, pollen and various sources of chemical damage.

Are you ready to get your car shiny and protected for years to come? Book now!

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