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Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating Installation on Brand New Black Porsche Cayenne

This new black Porsche Cayenne came to us in relatively good condition and barely two week old with minor blemishes and issues on the paint. We were to install paint protection film on hight traffic areas while install a coating on the rest of the vehicle. This is because paint protection films protects the vehicle against mechanical damage from rocks and light scrapes while the ceramic coating offers protection against chemical damage such as bird droppings, industrial fallout, acid and light water spots.

The Porsche Cayenne was first washed and then given a clay bar treatment on horizontal surfaces of the vehicle. Then the vehicle was given a full paint correction and one-step polishing process which got rid of finer scratches and swirls. After that, the entire surfaces was cleansed and the film was installed on the front bumper and then on the partial hood and fender. The film was hand cut to ensure proper edge cut and protection coverage. It is important to note that it is not recommended to install film on top of Porsche headlights.

After the film install, the car was dried, cleansed and then the coating was installed on top of the film as well. Overall, the car looked glossy, slick and the film blended very will with the surface of the vehicle. Are you ready to get your car coated and protected? Get a film and coating installed now.


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