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Coating a New White Jaguar F-Type on Top of Clear Paint Protection Film

We get called all over the Bay Area to detail customer vehicles. Our specialization on coatings and wraps now brought us to Marin county where this beautiful Jaguar F-type wanted to get a full Opti-Coat Pro Plus treatment. Like most customers, this customer had done a full research on the best products and installers of various coatings in the Bay Area and decided to go with us. He wanted us to give it all to the car and give it all we did. This vehicle was practically a benchmark of perfection where we performed multiple passes(yup, it's a new car!) to bring out the depth of the white pearls on the vehicle. The polishing done was very intricate and took two days. When expectations and trust are high, why not? As far as imperfections are concerned, it becomes a challenge to find them on the white vehicle since light is reflected off of the color. We found a few isolated scratches and minor swirls here and there but nothing our buffer couldn't handle. The paint correction got to the point where we started noticing defects under the clear coat of the vehicle!

The car was then wrapped with XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film on high traffic areas. Finally, the vehicle was coated with Opti-Coat Pro Plus, including the carbon fiber wheels! To say the least, the vehicle was super glossy at the end of the ordeal. Another vehicle added under Opti-Coat's belt!

Do you plan to coat and film your next car?

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