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Should You Wax Your a Matte Wrapped Vehicle? A New Acura NSX Experience.

One of the most common questions asked in the world of paint protection films and coatings is whether it’s ok to layer a wax on top of a matte finished paint or a matte wrapped vehicle. The correct answer is, “yes, but…”

A lot of times vehicles that are given a matte finish or matte wrap are not your average daily drivers or they have a pricy finish to them. This means that the first step is to understand what material you are working with. If it’s a modern matte wrap or matte finish, you can put a wax on top but it is recommended that you use a high quality spray based wax rather than a paste wax.

Paste waxes are notorious for leaving white spots on trim and may get inside the small grooves that create the matte finish. A high quality spray wax will drastically enhance the looks of the vehicle. You can see that from the 2022 Acura NSX above that was given a matte wrap.

It is also important to note that the spray wax adds a very light sheen to the matte finish or warp. This can be a good thing if you don’t like the ‘dull matte’ but prefer the ‘satin matte’ finish which gives a nice premium and clean look to the matte finish.

So there you have it. Ideally, you want to use a high quality spray wax on your matte finish if you’d like to give it a more premium matte finish to the vehicle. It looks amazing! Do you have a matte finished or wrapped vehicle? Comment below to let us know or book us to get your vehicle detailed or coated!

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