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2-Step Paint Correction, Compounding & Polishing, and Ceramic Coating a Black Acura SUV

So many scratches! This 2018 Acura came all swirled up with lots of industrial fallout embedded on the painted surfaces. The goal here was to not only remove the embedded contaminants but also do a two-step process that would get rid of most scratches and swirls. Sounds easy? Well... it took about 1.5 days to get this done!

Two step generally means first compounding and then polishing the vehicle. Compounding is an aggressive process that gets rid of deeper scratches and swirls. Since the process is so aggressive, it leaves its own swirl marks. These have to be removed by performing another step which involves using a finer polish that leaves an extremely glossy finish.

The customer had also requested a 3 year coating to go with it which was installed on top of it. This time I used the Ethos line of coatings which have become my favorite at the moment with their ridiculously strong graphene composites!

Note: The scratches on left are deep but after a two-step, they are DRASTICALLY reduced to the point that most people won't be able to see them in sunlight. Your car's clear coat is half as thin as a post-it card. Hence, you can't go very aggressive on the paint. The goal should be to remove as much as possible without blowing past the clear coat!

A two step process and coating is great for cars that are 2-5 years old. Would you get this done on your vehicle? Comment below or book now!

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