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Yountville Live With Volvo Cars, A Million Dollar Vehicle Prototype & Friends!

Yountville, a crowning gem located in the lush Napa Valley, has plenty to offer. A food and wine center, this small town attracts enthusiasts from all over the world with its culture and thematic architecture, reminiscent of European palaces and gardens. That is where we made our 5-day stop to be part of Yountville Live, the event that combined culinary finesse with live music.

This event was sponsored by Volvo and that meant one thing for us: Cars! Beatiful cars! Prototype Cars! New toys to play with. Sadly, we didn't get to play much with them due to our time constraints. However, during the moments we got to inhale some of the Valley breeze, we did snap some pictures.

The rock stars of the show (as far as cars is concerned!) were the XC90 Prototypes standing tall during major and VIP events of the day and night. Below is the main million dollar XC90 prototype, vinyl wrapped to leave a matte finish that felt like 'earthy & carboard-like' with its 'faded purple blue' shade.

The second favorite among us (Joey, Vince and myself) was the S60 with its red flare dazzling us with its radiance and sheer horsepower and beefed appearance. This car wasn't meant for the faint of heart but has its own elegance and beauty. Check it out below.

I would like to thank the representative members from Volvo who chose us to be part of this event while also a shout out to Joey and Vince who helped me during this joyful event. You guys are awesome! Two thumbs up!

Check out the rest of the pictures taken at the event. Were you at the event as well? What do you think about the cars?

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