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10 Year Graphine Coating on a New Black Mercedes GLC 300

Black cars are always the best challenge for any detailed and car enthusiast. They show every scratch and swirl in the right(or wrong) lighting. One of the best experiences you can get as a coating installer is a customer who is informed and asks the right questions. Our customer and owner of this new Mercedes GLC 300 came to us with specific questions and realistic expectations of the coating.

I like these kind of customers too. They like to be informed, are very understanding and just generally very nice people! Once you get these customers, you truly want to give them a stellar experience. Hence, I took this beautiful black pearl and gave it a nice rinse less wash, clay bar treatment(there was some roughness on the surface) and then a solid one-step polishing job that took this car from ’new car’ to ‘show car’. Just look at how the car looks like a glossy liquid. Add some permanent Graphine coating and you have a slick surface that protects the car while keeping the car looking great for years to come.

Do you plan to get your new car coated as well? Comment below and let me know.

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