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Detailing and Waxing a Fully Loaded Black Bentley Mulsanne in the Bay Area

​The Bentley Mulsanne is the flagship of the Bentley line. Handcrafted to perfection, this vehicle is sometimes recognized for its benchmark luxury and rarity on the US roads. For such a beautiful vehicle, we ensured that this would get a treatment it deserves. With several Bentleys under our belt, we gave this vehicle a nice clean up on the inside while providing the outside with a wash, decontamination and application of a sealant(Opti-Seal). Since it became our weekly gig to take care of Bentleys at Meadowood and Napa Valley Reserve in general, this car got cleaned up regularly. Darker paints such as this one require additional care since they can easily scratch or swirl. Using a proper wash method and using a precise drying method is critical to ensure that Bentley paints look great. We would like to add though, Bentleys are notorious for creating brake dust and this Mulsanne is no exception. A week after a wash, there is a massive buildup of brake dust on these!

Alas, one day came when it was sent away - only to be replaced by the Continental GT and the Flying Spur! Could we say, that we are specialists in detailing and coating Bentleys now?

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