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Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating a 2-Year Old Mercedes E-Class

This time our customer brought us all the way to Vacaville to get their new car coated. The red color on this vehicle was AMAZING to say the least. Recently, I had returned from SEMA 2016 and brought with me CarPro's Ech2O waterless wash and decided to use it on this vehicle. And boy, the results were staggering! However, this was just the beginning of the detail. The car was then given a clay bar treatment to remove above surface contaminants and then polished with Rupes pads and Optimum's Hyper Polish to leave a nice glossy finish. The whole car was then locked down with Opti-Coat Pro to give the car a permanent protective ceramic coat! The pictures do not do justice to how good the car looked since I only had my trusty iPhone on me at that time only. Even then, the car radiated beauty, class and elegance!

Red shades look radiant, don't they? Some customers say that paint corrected and coated vehicles we do make their cars look better than new. What do you think? Comment below:


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