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Installing Paint Protection Film Comes with Hidden Costs no One Talks About. Case of a Mustang:

Updated: May 1, 2021

Films are serious business. This kind of work is a stark reminder that you should always focus on getting your film if you plan to remove it 5-7 years down the road and, importantly, getting a very high quality film on your vehicle. The film on this mustang was 8-9 years old and despite most film manufacturers stating that the film is best for 10 years, this kind of work reminded me of how tedious baked on film can be. It literally took a full day just to remove film from partial hood and fender(look at the flaking in the pictures... one small chip at a time!!). This did not include any film on the front bumper. The film had to be peeled and scraped off slowly in small chips.

If you want a simpler solution to protect your vehicle, I can’t recommend sticking to only ceramic coatings unless you really, really want to protect against rock chips on a limited edition vehicle that may appreciate in value.

Overall, this was a learning experience for my customer, myself and should be something you should consider before putting a film on your vehicle. Even if you do go down the road of getting a protective film installed, you should ensure its removal 5-7 years down the road, especially if your car is parked outside and driven daily. The heat causes the film to ‘dry’ up and crack, thereby, making the removal process pricier than installing the film in the first place! Crazy, right?

Now you’re more informed on whether you should install film on your vehicle or not. You’re always welcome to reach out to us in case you want film or coating installed on your vehicle.

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