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3 Year Graphene Coating on a White Toyota Rav 4 Makes it Shiny and Protected for Years

Healdsburg, Sonoma, California: We got this white Toyota Rav 4 that had never been detailed and considering it is 6 years old, the car was loaded with blemishes, bird bombs, insect marks, overspray, tree sap and much much more!

First the car was washed, cleansed with strong detergent and then given a clay bar treatment. This got rid of majority of the blemishes and marks. The customer also wanted the car coated so we used an aggressive medium cut polish and pad that got rid of not only the remaining blemishes and stubborn marks on the paint but also removed majority of the scratches and swirls on the paint. This created a clean, pearly and milky white finish with a crazy amount of gloss.

After the polishing, the car was detoxed with a primer that removed the polishing residue from the surface. After that, the car was coated with a 3 year graphene coating that is more resistant to water spotting compared to silicon dioxide based coatings.

What do you think? Get your car protected and looking great by having a coating installed. Book now!

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