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10 Year Graphene Coating on a New Volkswagen ID4 All Electric Grey Car

Sebastopol, Bay Area, California: The customer bought this beautiful Volkswagen grey ID4 all electric car and it has some very light swirls and scratches on it. Practically every new car has some amount of scratches and swirls. The customer also wanted our flagship 10 year graphene coating on this car so we decided to give this car some extra love.

The car was first washed and given some clay bar treatment which got rid of some pollen, tree sap and insect etchings on the paint. After that, the car was given a polishing and paint correction job that got rid of fine scratches and swirls. Getting the right polishing and paint correction is a critical step because too aggressive of a polishing job can create swirls of its own whereas too light of a polishing process would do very little towards enhancing the look of the vehicle. It’s also important to point out that polishing the vehicle also enhances the bond of the coating to the painted surface.

After polishing, the vehicle was given a detox and cleansing treatment that removes any residue left from polishing the vehicle. After that, the 10 year graphene coating was installed and the car looked like a grey pearl with a protected and clean surface for years to come. Since the car will be parked outside, getting the graphene coating on this new Volkswagen ID4 was one of the best decisions the customer could have made for his car.

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