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Eye-popping Reflections After Two Step Paint Correction on a Black Honda S2000. Pictures included!

Dream cars come in all different sizes and types. For our customer, it wasn't an exotic but the Honda S2000 that was something they always wanted. The car came up pretty scratched and swirled. Also, it was a black car so everything showed! After testing the vehicle, I found out that the paint is relatively soft compared to some of the harder German paints. However, as a black car goes, it needed a bit of extra love in the shape of a two-step compound and polishing process. In the fift picture above, you can see that the scratches and swirls are pretty gnarly! The compounding process got rid of the deeper swirls but as it stands with darker vehicles, this process leaves swirls of its own kind. Hence, in order to remove those swirls, we used a lighter cut pad with some mild polish to get rid of these to reveal a very clean and pristine surface. The difference was night and day and due to the lack of time, I wasn't able able to take many pictures. Winter time shortens the day so it's important to hustle! The customer also later told us that he had spent a couple of months checking out our website and content before choosing us for their dream car. These gestures mean a lot to us and makes us go out of our way to ensure that your car gets the special treatment it deserves. Lastly, the customer's words were, 'the pictures don't do justice to how good the car looks in real life!' That made me smile... :)

Have you ever had a two step correction process done on your vehicle? How were the results? Comment below and let us know.

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