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Five Year Ceramic Coating and One-Step Pint Correction on a New Black Tesla Model S, Napa, Bay Area

Lets admit it. New cars are now pricier and they need to be protected. Traditional waxes and sealants don’t cut it and the customer had previously owned a Tesla which had taken substantial chemical damage over time. This time, he wanted to protect his new Tesla and ensure that it looks good and stays protected for years to come.

Overall, the Tesla came with some isolated scratches and swirls so the car was given a one-step polishing process. This got rid of some isolated scratches and light scratches and swirls. Overall, the Tesla looked amazing and you could see the light sparkles within the paint.

After the polishing, the car was given a full cleansing and priming of the surface. After that, a 5 year graphene coating was added to all the painted surface, face of the wheel and the glass. As you can see, the car looked amazing. Are you ready to get your car coated and protected? Book now.

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