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Tesla Motors Club Connect Event with Tesla Owners 2015

After losing track of how many Tesla cars I've Opti-Coated up in the Bay Area, we decided to take part in the TMC connect event this year and meet all the Tesla family. I've met several forum members who seemed to be interesting and passionate people and I am happy to conclude that every single person I met during the event was not just a fascinating individual but talking to them was a learning experience. From accounting principles to knowing the history of the roadster to the future of batteries to the creamy texture of tiramisu at lunch, I got to soak up a lot of new information.

However, I am more commonly remembered at the event as the guy who showed up a day late(time crunch)! However, in my fragile defense, I have to reiterate, 'Save the best for the last!' . Now, since I can't give a full coverage of the event(read first sentence of this paragraph!), I will only mention a few salient features and questions that got asked during the event regarding products and services that I had offered and at the end provide some eye candies.

Before I go further I would like to thank Daniel Sacks and his crew from the Tesla Motors Club for being so accommodating, friendly and going out of their way to help us at the event. Furthermore, all the exhibiters were fun to be around and I got to learn more about their products and services as well. A two thumbs up to all the TMC members who had shown up from all over the world to be at this event!

Salient Features:

Disclaimer: I may end up butchering the explanation for the products and services but I will do my best to provide explanations. Additionally, since life is a journey of self-improvement, certain processes/products are subject to change. If you think something is wrong, please send an e-mail at For further accurate answers or queries, I suggest contacting the relevant product companies or your local dealers/installers... yada yada yada.. you get the point.

- How long does Opti-Coat Pro last?

Opti-Coat Pro is a permanent silicon carbide coating that is intended to last the lifetime of the paint system. It comes with a 5 year warranty registered with Optimum Polymers and the coating uniquely bonds with the pre-existing clear coat of the car. It has been noted to last beyond 5 years in practical scenarios. However, the longevity depends on the maintenance and wash method employed along with the usage of the car. Warranty information is available here.

- Can you come over and apply Opti-Coat Pro in Wyoming?

I would love to but it would be far more feasible if you use "" to find the closest installer near you.

- What's the difference between ONR(Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine) and ONRWW(Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax)?

They are both excellent rinseless wash detergents that enhance the gloss of the vehicle after drying. ONR/ONRWS contains synthetic polymers that marginally project the metallic flakes of the paint while ONRWW contains carnauba which usually has a slightly warmer glow and numbs the metallic flakes.

- How long does it take to apply Opti-Coat Pro?

It depends. What needs to be understood is that even new cars come with minor to mediocre paint defects such as light swirls/scratches, especially on corners and edges, that can be locked in by Opti-Coat Pro application. In order to ensure proper bonding and aesthetic appearance, the vehicle may be recommended/needed to go through some paint correction. Your local installer should be able to inform you better in this matter and we recommend not being shy of asking them additional questions.

- Do I REALLY need to use 2 buckets to wash the car?

Not 'really'. However, it's strongly urged to use the two wash bucket method along with grit guard inserts to reduce chances of damage to the paint(marring, scratches, swirls). However, in California, with the drought still looming around, we recommend rinseless washes to help with the water conservation efforts across the entire state.

- What is a grit guard?

Grit guard is a 'plastic-mesh-platform-insert' that is placed inside the wash bucket to prevent grit, sediments and larger contaminants from getting back into the mitt and eventually onto the paint. These dense contaminants settle to the bottom of the bucket and the grit insert ensures that they remain there. They are available from major detailing product stores and also on Amazon.

- What is the Big Red Sponge Wash Method?

The Big Red Sponge Wash Method employs a rinseless wash detergent(synergy with ONR), 2-4 gallons of water and the Big Red Sponge by Optimum Polymers. The Red Sponge speeds up the washing process by reducing the need to rinse down the vehicle and go straight to drying the vehicle. The sponge with its large surface area and small pores collects the dirt from the paint's surface and then releases it into the wash bucket. A video/article is in the works!

- Seriously, what's so good about ONR? I mean, I keep hearing about it all over the place but what's with all the hype?

Biodegradable, eco-friendly, some people have dumped it into grass as a fertilizer(I don't swear by this one!), glass cleaner, interior cleaner(NOT for tanned & porous leather), Quick detailer, consumes little water, helps washes in constricted environments(eg. garages, condos, apartments) clay lubricant, excellent wash, leaves some protection on the paint, some use it for counter tops at home... this thing is amazing.

- Where is the location of hot water in the room so I can make tea? *Female Russian Accent*

I don't know but I can help you find it.

- How do I prevent water-spotting?

There are several ways that would help. Some coatings are resistant to with water spotting (eg. cQuartz UK, OCP Pro Plus) which helps if they are on your paint. Other factors would be washing indoors to prevent quick drying, deionized/distilled water for washing the car, good microfiber drying towels, finishing off with a QD wipe down and so on. Using sealants as final toppers on top of the paint also help as a sacrificial layer in future washes/rainfall/snow. Doing a quick inspection after the wash to snipe out water spots will save you headache in the future!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to post them or reach me out at You can also find me on Facebook, follow on twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading! Lots of goodies planned ahead!

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