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Advanced PPF Install: We Custom Bulk Cut Film for This White Lexus IS with a Custom Bumper and Carbon Fiber Splitter

There is little doubt that the front of the Lexus has one of the most complicated and challenging front film installs among luxury cars driven on the road. The primary challenge when it comes to installing film on the Lexus is the contours and vents that have deep curves and angles leading to tricky and complex stretching while ensuring that the film doesn't lift in the long run. On top of this, the customer had replaced the front bumper with a custom Lexus front bumper which meant that we couldn't use a pre-cut and would have to rely on bulk-cutting the film.

We started by giving the car a complete foam wash with high-gsm plush microfiber towels. Our comprehensive foam wash ensured that the Lexus looked pristine before the film installation process. We followed up the wash by performing a clay bar treatment to remove any debris or embedded dirt on the car's paint.

Our film install started with a full hood install that was overshot to ensure even tucking underneath the hood. After the hood, we installed the bumper and cut the edges as close as possible to the edge of the panels while tucking the film where we could. The process of installing film on the bumper took the most time. After the bumper, we applied film to the full fenders of the Lexus and precariously cut the film to ensure proper edge-to-edge coverage. Finally, we stretch-installed the front headlights, carbon fiber splitter, and the back of the mirrors. The highlight of this PPF install was the bumper being installed as a single piece rather than having multiple pieces connected for complete coverage.

Overall, the customer was blown away by the paint protection film installation on his white Lexus IS and loved our work. Are you ready to give your car the best protection possible? Book now or call us at 707-681-5944 for a free quote to install a film or coating for your vehicle.

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