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Bulk Cutting and Custom Clear Film PPF Install on a New Red Tesla Model Y

Paint protection films provide the best all-around protection for cars again rock chips and any other type of mechanical damage. Our customer had just purchased a Tesla Model Y a few weeks ago and was about to take off with his family on a long trip. Whether your car is a daily driver or your goal is to take long trips, paint protection films are the only sure way to protect your car against any damage that can happen on the road.

The Tesla Model Y, despite a relatively clean look, has a very tricky front bumper when it comes to installing paint protection films. The customer hired us to apply paint protection film on the entire front of his new Tesla Model Y. We decided that to provide the most comprehensive protection and coverage on the Tesla, bulk or hand-cutting the film would be the best option.

Installing paint protection films by hand can be challenging and complicated. When installing paint protection film on the hood of the Tesla Model Y, we overshot the edges so that the edge of the film could be tucked under the hood. We also overshot the edges on the bumper and fenders to create a seamless appearance on the edges of the vehicle. Finally, we also hand-cut film for the front headlights and the back of the mirror. In a nutshell, the complete front protection for this Tesla Model Y in the Bay Area, California, involved installing paint protection on the entire hood, full fenders, mirrors, bumper, and front lights. Our entire PPF installation job took about three days and by the end, it was hard to see that there was even a film on the car to begin with!

Paint protection films are the best and most resilient protection against mechanical damage that any car can get. Custom bulk cuts provide a level of protection against physical damage that is a step above pre-cut installs.

At Robust Auto Detailing, we offer custom-cut paint protection films, cosmetic self-healing paint protection films, and ceramic and graphene coatings giving you complete protection for your car for years to come. Book us now or call us at 707-681-5944 to have the peace of mind you deserve with the best all-round protection for your car.

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