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Transforming a Tesla Model Y: Premium Paint Protection Film & Graphene Coating by Robust Auto Detail

At Robust Auto Detailing, we recently had the opportunity to showcase our expertise on a dazzling white Tesla Model Y in Fairfield, California. A customer found us through Yelp, entrusting us with the protection and enhancement of his two-week-old vehicle.

Our task? Apply a high-quality, extended pre-cut paint protection film to the car's most vulnerable areas: the front bumper, full front hood, front headlights, full front fenders, and mirrors. But that wasn't all. He also requested our specialized three-year graphene coating, a top-tier offering that guards against chemical damage and further accentuates the car's natural gloss.

The process began with our signature rinseless car wash—a premium offering that ensures no further scratches are inflicted on the vehicle. Upon inspecting the car, we found that it was in pristine condition, sparing the need for a clay bar treatment or iron remover application.

Next came the light cut polishing, using a light cut pad and polish. This step not only eliminated any remaining fine scratches and swirls but also greatly boosted the car's gloss. More importantly, it readied the surface for the application of the paint protection film and graphene coating.

We then used a detox treatment to rid the vehicle of any residual polish, ensuring a flawless surface for proper bonding of the film and graphene coating. This left the car's exterior with a luxurious gloss that was just a teaser of what was to come.

The installation of the paint protection film came next, guarding the car against mechanical damage from high traffic areas. The graphene coating followed, providing chemical protection to the areas of the car where the film wasn't applied. The coating was also added atop the film, offering an extra layer of defense.

The result was nothing short of stunning. The car was not just protected; it was transformed, its exterior now boasting an enhanced, almost unreal glossiness that left the customer astounded. The film was neatly tucked in on the edges where possible—a testament to our commitment to meticulous attention to detail. We opted for a custom pre-cut film for this vehicle, a choice that allows for safer application, easier removal, and simpler maintenance.

Why choose Robust Auto Detailing? Our work speaks for itself. We don't just detail cars; we transform them, applying our expertise to enhance their natural beauty while also providing top-tier protective solutions. Book our services today and let us help you protect your investment for years to come.


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