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Tesla Model S Transformation: The Mastery Behind Graphene Coating and Film Install

In the scenic locale of Napa, California, we at Robust Auto Detailing took on the challenge of perfecting and protecting a 2023 grey Tesla Model S, recently acquired by a cordial and informed customer who previously owned a Tesla Model 3. This project wasn't just about detailing; it was about showcasing our unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to car preservation in the Bay Area.

The Tesla Project: A Study in Precision

The sleek new Model S gleamed, nearly pristine, with hardly a blemish. Yet the owner sought our expertise to ensure its long-term protection from both mechanical and chemical harm. This meant installing protective film on strategic parts including the front bumper, full hood, full fender, rearview mirror backs, and front lights. The rest of the Model S was primed for a durable 10-year graphene coating.

While Tesla models are familiar terrain for us, a unique Californian regulation presented a challenge. All new Teslas in the state mandate a glued-on front number plate bracket. For our team, this meant meticulous hand-cutting of the film around this addition on the front bumper, requiring surgical precision and unmatched skill.

From Foam Cannon to Graphene Coating: The Process

Every car that rolls into our station gets the luxury treatment, and this Model S was no exception. We started with a foam cannon wash to eliminate minor water spots. The drying phase utilized blowers and ultra-soft high GSM microfiber plush towels, ensuring no swirls or scratches were induced.

Wheel care came next: the iron removal treatment followed by a clay bar cleanse. The vehicle was then given a polish, eliminating fine scratches and readying the surface for the graphene layer. The film installation was a day-long endeavor, but the results were worth every minute. Once the film set, a detox ensured no residue remained. The grand finale was the application of a 10-year graphene coating, safeguarding against chemical adversaries like tree sap and industrial fallout.

A Testament to Workmanship

The vehicle emerged, not just as another polished car but as a testament to our commitment to precision, quality, and customer satisfaction. Every seam aligned, every detail in place. Our customer's commendations, acknowledging our craftsmanship and results, were the cherry on top.

Our Napa experience with the Tesla Model S underscores why we stand out in the Bay Area's bustling auto detailing market. Whether it's a protective film install or a long-lasting graphene coating, Robust Auto Detailing is the name you can trust.

Looking to transform your vehicle with the same level of attention to detail? Book our services or get in touch to learn more about our expertise.


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