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Ceramic Coating a Grey Mustang Shelby GT350. Insane Gloss!

I’ve done quite a few of Mustangs and some restorations on some very souped up Mustangs. I remember one I did which had 800HP with drag wheels and carbon fiber replacement body on it. Mustang owners are passionate people and they love the sound, the aesthetics and the experience of a rumbling engine. Also, many such performance vehicles get really dirty due to their cosmetics and how they drive. The paint on these vehicles also seems to take a lot of wear and tear on the front.

When you are looking for the perfect blend of performance with aesthetics, getting a high end ceramic coating isn’t a bad bargain. Coatings ensure that your stallion stays shiny while making maintenance and cleanliness a breeze.

Do you plan to get your Mustang coated? Comment below:

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