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Ceramic Coating an RV. Is it a Good Idea?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Ceramic coatings are amazing and usually used to protect daily drivers, exotic and, basically, regular vehicles. What about RVs? I got a customer request to coat their RV and after doing some research, I figured out an ideal coating that would make the RV maintenance a breeze while ensuring that’s their car looks great even after rigorous travel trips. After all, peace of mind is worth everything right?

On this RV, I installed a 10 year graphine coating and the results looked stellar. The white became richer and after checking back on the vehicle after 2 weeks, it looked better than new!

In a nutshell, though time will tell, coating an RV is a smart idea. I’ve had customers who’ve coated their trucks and then gone out hunting in the wilderness. Despite all the off read adventures, they constantly report to me that their trucks look amazing. If anything, they refer their friends and family to me who share similar outdoor hobbies.

I’d like to try more RVs and see how the results go. Do you have an RV you’d like coated? Comment below or contact us to get your vehicle coated too.

PS: I coated some of the black trim. Look how shiny and matte it looks! Beautiful, isn’t it?

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