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Permanent Ceramic Coating on a Fully Loaded Ranger Rover Sport

This 2016 Range Rover Sport in Napa looked splendid as it is. However, it's our job to take the car from show room condition to beyond that while at the same time giving it long term protection. The customer had all ready gotten his car detailed prior to this gig. After doing research and asking us questions, he wanted us to Opti-Coat his vehicle. First, however, the car needed a clear film installation. After the film was installed, we gave it a good polishing it needed and then coated it with Opti-Coat Pro Plus. The interior was given Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl on high traffic areas while Opti-Guard Fabric was applied to carpets and mats. This car was meant to be parked outside and hence with this protection, this was going to be not an issue!

Would you put a coating on a white car too? Comment Below:

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