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Ceramic Coating an Audi SQ5 in Napa

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

​This was a car very local to us and sadly we weren't able to take a lot of pictures. Black has always been a finicky color to work with since you can see all sorts of imperfections on it. However, this car came in relatively good condition. The customer's top priority here was to ensure that the car's condition would be protected with the best we have to offer. We ended up applying Opti-Coat Pro Plus to the vehicle and the car looked amazing! Dripping wet! The clarity and depth went to a whole new level. We must add though, the vehicle was polished prior to the application of the coating. One note of caution is that the paint was very sticky and a bit finicky to work with. However, like every challenge, we were able to knock this Audi SQ5 out of the park and give it a long term protection it deserved!

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