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The Last Dodge Viper & How I Coated This Car That Barely Survived the Napa Fire

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This car is special to me and so was the customer who owned it. Dodge stopped its production of Dodge Viper in 2017 and this black pearl has been through a lot. The car, stationed here in Napa Valley, was manufactured and shipped across the country under some dire circumstances. During transportation, the Dodge had some blemishes on some regions of the vehicle which were very obvious and stuck out like sore thumbs. Think dried mineralized water spots that had eaten through the car’s paint! These were deep.

On top of this, this car was also a surviver of the Napa Valley fire. How close, you may ask? The car had charred the walls of the garage and burnt nearby homes! The car, surprisingly survived. So, when I got my hands on this beautiful vehicle, the car was one of the few things the customer still had left.

Because of the fire, the car had soot marks on top of the blemishes from the transportation. I recommended and ended up doing a two step paint correction process and then added a ceramic coating on top of the vehicle.

This really brought out the gloss of the vehicle and as you can tell from the pictures above, it really is a black pearl. For the customer, this was one of the things that uplifted him after going though a lot.

But... you know... we‘re all a big family and we have to care for each other. If you’ve been my customer, you know that’s how I think about you guys. Take care!

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