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Graphene Coating a Black 2023 Golf R in Napa, California

At Robust Auto Detailing, we had the privilege of working on a stunning 2023 black Golf R while overlooking the Napa Valley all the way to San Francisco Bay. The client’s aim was clear: to protect and enhance the beauty of their new vehicle with a long-lasting coating. We recommended our 10-year graphene coating, and the customer readily agreed.

Initial Assessment: Addressing Dirt and Brake Dust

Our journey began with a thorough examination of the Golf R. The front bumper, hood, and trunk displayed significant dirt accumulation, while the wheels were heavily laden with brake dust. The first step involved rinsing off the debris using a pressure washer, followed by a detailed wheel cleaning. We treated the wheels with an iron remover and gently agitated the area to ensure thorough cleaning.

The Washing Process: Ensuring Spotless Results

Next, we enveloped the car in a foam of ceramic shampoo, using soft high-GSM microfiber wash mitts for gentle agitation. An important aspect of our wash process is the use of a deionizing system, crucial in preventing water spots on the vehicle’s surface after rinsing.

Detailed Preparation: Clay Bar and Light Blemish Removal

Post-wash, we conducted a meticulous inspection to determine the need for clay bar treatment. This step, combined with the careful application of a diluted all-purpose cleaner, successfully removed light blemishes and etchings from the paint while leaving the surface ready for paint correction and polishing.

Polishing: Achieving a Mirror-Like Finish

The vehicle then underwent a medium-light cut polishing using a light cut pad and medium cut polish. This process was instrumental in achieving a glossy, smooth, and slick finish, making the car look like a radiant black pearl. This process is critical to ensure that the coating properly interlocks and bonds with the surface of the vehicle.

Final Steps: Detox and Graphene Coating

Before the grand finale, we removed all polishing residue with a detox treatment which used a cleansing agent to wipe away any polishing oils. We then applied our premium 10-year graphene coating, ensuring the Golf R would be protected against the elements and retain its stunning appearance for years.

The Outcome: A Car That Turns Heads

The transformation was breathtaking. The customer was astounded by the car's appearance, which now mirrored the elegance and depth of a black pearl.

At Robust Auto Detailing, we take pride in our meticulous processes and use of advanced products. Whether it’s for individual vehicles or large events in the Bay Area, we bring our expertise and passion to every project, ensuring exceptional results every time.

Experience the difference with Robust Auto Detailing. Whether you own a luxury vehicle or a daily driver, we offer unmatched detailing services that not only clean but also protect and enhance. Book now or contact us to get your car coated.

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