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How Detailing a Car Increases Its Re-Sale Value, Red 2016 Honda Civic

If you’re planning to sell your car, having it properly detailed, especially polishing, can net you a $3,000-7,000 increase in it’s value. This is because the cosmetic appearance of your car is 30% of its value! It is the first thing that a buyer notices and it is also the first thing everyone notices about your own car!

This 2016 Honda Civic came to us with lots of issues. From tree sap to caked on dirt to blemishes to swirls to scratches, this car had everything! The customer wanted to increase the resale value of the vehicle by $4000 and he booked our Deluxe Package for detailing which did a complete makeover of the vehicle. Now you can see how shiny and glossy the Honda Civic looks. The car is literally a red pearl now!

Overall, the customer only spent a few hundred dollars, peace of mind knowing that his car was in good hands and netted thousands of dollars in profit from this little investment towards his car.

Detailing your car prior to selling it is the best thing you can do. Your new owner will appreciate that as well. Get your car booked and detailed now!

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