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Proper Polishing & Detailing an Audi A6 Makes it Glossy and Shiny in Napa, California

Our Deluxe Package gives the car a full makeover both for the interior and exterior of the vehicle. This is because the interior is given a full rejuvenation while the outside is giving a proper polishing along with a sealant.

This Audi A6 came with many issues: rock chips all over the front, water spots and paint overspray on horizontal surfaces, caked on wheels(inside and outside) and much more! The interior wasn’t in too much of a bad condition. The car was first washed with our signature rinseless wash with pre-treatment. The wheels were given a multi-step iron and tar removal treatment which got rid of all the gunk. Check out the crazy amount of iron and gunk on the vehicle:

After the wheels were cleaned, the vehicle was given an extensive clay bar treatment which got rid of the below surface contaminants and the overspray on the vehicle. Below is a picture of overspray on the surface prior to clay bar treatment. All those tiny white spots are paint overspray!

After the vehicle was done, the car looked clean but the surface had lots of water spots, swirls and scratches. The Deluxe Package comes with a one-step polishing process that removes 60-70% of the scratches and swirls while leaving an extremely slick and glossy finish. The polishing was proceeded by a detox treatment that removed polishing residue and prepared the surface for sealant installation. We used a 6-12 month graphene based sealant to lock in the vehicle to leave a black pearl finish you see in the pictures at the top.

Are you ready to get your car detailed and given a full makeover? Get one of our packages or a coating installation.

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