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Long-lasting Graphene Coating by Robust Auto Detailing - Tesla Model S | Napa, CA


At Robust Auto Detailing, we are dedicated to providing exceptional car detailing, wash, film installation, and coating services to our clients in the Bay Area. Our recent video showcases the impressive durability of our graphene coating on a silver Tesla Model S, even after five years. Read on to learn about our outstanding workmanship and the quality of products we use, and understand why our clients trust us with their vehicles time and again.

Proof of Quality: 5-Year-Old Graphene Coating in Action

In our video, we demonstrate the remarkable water beading and sheeting properties of a Tesla Model S that we coated five years ago in Napa, California. The continued effectiveness of our graphene coating is a testament to our expertise and the premium products we use. This incredible performance convinced the client to have their newer Tesla Model S coated with us as well.

Why Choose Robust Auto Detailing for Your Vehicle?

  1. Expertise: With nearly a decade of experience, our skilled team knows how to handle medium to high-end vehicles, including exotics. We have worked with major brands such as Audi, GM, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Rolls Royce, and Volvo at their events, showcasing our professionalism and credibility.

  2. Quality Products: We use only the best graphene coatings and detailing products to ensure long-lasting protection and an exceptional finish for your vehicle.

  3. Mobile Convenience: As a mobile business, we come to you, making the detailing process as hassle-free as possible.

  4. Proven Results: Our video and numerous satisfied clients serve as evidence of the quality and longevity of our work.

  5. Repeat Customers: Our dedication to quality workmanship and top-tier products continually brings clients back to us for their vehicle care needs.


Experience the Robust Auto Detailing difference by booking our services for your vehicle. Our commitment to quality, use of premium products, and unmatched expertise make us the best choice for your car detailing and coating needs. Don't wait – book your appointment today and witness firsthand the exceptional workmanship that keeps our clients coming back.

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