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Water Spot Removal & 10 Year Graphene Coating on a Tesla Model S in Petaluma, California

There aren’t many coatings that are resistant to water spotting. Recently, we upgraded to a 10 year graphene coating that seems to offer superior resistance to water spotting compared to traditional coatings made from silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and silicon carbide. This Tesla came with water spots on it from a previous coating that was silicon dioxide based. We had to compound and polish the car to get rid of the water spots. However, since this process is so aggressive, the coating was removed as well.

Therefore, after doing both compounding and polishing, we installed a 10 year graphene coating on the freshly cleansed surface that will be significantly more resistant to water spots. We still recommend that customers park their cars in their garage and away from sprinkler water until we get coatings that are completely immune to water spotting.

On the bright side, the gloss of the vehicle went to a whole new level. Are you ready to get your car properly coated and protected for years to come? Book us now to ensure peace of mind!

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